Our Story: In Revenant, the strange noises heard from afar over the past two nights have finally revealed their source. With no time to flea and armed simply with an old pistol; One must make use of their wits, quick-reflexes, and lead.

Relevant is a easy game to pick up and play, as the main controls are two digital on-screen joysticks. The left joystick simply controls the players movement. The right joystick is used to control which direction you would like to aim/shoot.

This allows for some interesting game-play, as the game (can get) quite fast-paced. The game will continually progress in difficulty the longer you manage to survive, yet provide worthy rewards in exchange. You currently only earn Cash by killing Zombies, which can be use in the Game's Upgrade Shop for various things.

Key Features:
- Zombies!
- 3 Different Guns
- 3 Different Armour Types
- A High-Score for the competitive
- Should run well on many low-end Android devices

Currently, there are only 2 enemy types; but it is planned to add multiple more. I would be very interested in any feedback or please contact me if anyone runs into any issues/bugs with the game and I will try my best to resolve them quickly. I am still trying to decide which direction forward would be best for this game in terms of game-play and greatly appreciate any feedback.

First initial release for Open Beta Testing for Revenant (Version 1.0.0-beta).

Category: ActionPublisher: Dalton ShanholtzRequirements: Andriod 5.0+Publish Date: 10/06/2022

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